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Family Influence on Dating

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Family tradition and religious beliefs are two factors that will always influence a person's decisions in the dating world. There are many pressures in the dating world as is, without the added stress of family influence and family expectations. For many cultures and religious groups, pressure is put on individuals to date someone from their own culture, ethnic background or religion. This really limits the opportunities for a connection with another person.

Jewish and Christian families are two of the many religious groups that feel their traditional background is a factor in their social relationships. This type of pressure on a person results in forced decisions and unsatisfactory choices. From this small group of people that fit in these expectations of the family traditions and religion, they are forced to choose a soul mate. This makes a person feel like they have no other options. Therefore, out of discouragement and frustration, people in this type of situation find themselves settling for someone who makes their family happy, but not themselves. By putting themselves second and their beliefs first, they are creating for themselves a life of unhappiness.

On the other hand, this type of pressure can be good for a person. If it is followed to a point of realism. Do not sacrifice your happiness for something that does not have to be a factor in a relationship. Relationships should be based on love and honestly, and just that.
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