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6 Great Online Dating Safety Tips
Title: "Online Dating Safety Tips" Author: Andy Thompson Copyright: (c) By Andy Thompson 2003 Permission to Use: May be freely published with author's bylines intact. Notify author by e-mail. Please feel free to use this article in your...

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Do Greeting Cards help in dating?

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While dating a person of opposite sex, all of go through different emotions. Most of us, who like our date wish to carry forward the relationship, ending into marriage if possible. How do we enhance the quality of relationship with the person we are dating? Can eCards on love help us? Yes, they can help to a great extent, if we select them carefully and send them at appropriate time. Timing, design, text, all these are very crucial in sending cards to get effective emotional response.

Let us discuss some cards from www.cupidecards.com and find out more about how to use them in dating. Before we talk further, let us take a card from this site and find out the possible impact of the card. Click on this card. http://www.cupidecards.com/ecards/ecard.php?image=14_49 This card has a beautiful video of a butterfly sitting on flowers and the text message fades in slowly to create the whole impact. The text says - The more I try, the more I fail to remove your thoughts from my mind. I am mad after you. I love you. What kind of message do you give with this card? The first impression is of beautiful looks of the video shot. The butterfly sucking the juices of flower makes a very romantic pair. and the text enhances the appeal of the heart. Don't you think that such a card will move the recipient?

How about this card? Say, you have not met for some days, and want to meet him/her as soon as possible. What will be the effect if you send this card? look at the card here.http://www.cupidecards.com/ecards/ecard.php?image=14_281 This card shows a beautiful exotic parrot fluttering its wings as if calling someone. The frame opens in dark color and as the text appears, the color brightens, ending with the full color shot of the parrot with the message- I Miss You. I will not write the text here. It should be enjoyed by you on the card itself. But the card manages to send a beautiful message - My life, my love, please, I can not wait any further. I Miss You. Why not view the cards yourself and start sending them? As it is said that an apple a day, keeps the Doctor away, I would say - An ecard a day, will never keep your love away. Enjoy the journey of romance with eCards. Here they are -

Be Mine Forever

Ro mantic Birthday cards

Crazy In Love

Let Me Love You

Love Notes

Miss You

Marry Me

I Love You

Say Sorry

Valen tines Day

About the author:

CD writes on inspiration, love, life, truth and other issues that make our living a joy. He is a dedicated content writer for EcardUniverse, CupidEcards, ValentinesDay-Cards, Inspiration ecards.

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