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Disabled Dating

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If you are a disabled or handicapped gentleman who loves girls read this article.

Gentlemen, I have been thinking about you. I bet you like to get laid too. I am Elvis Preston King… I am the king of seduction and I often wonder if I could operate as well from a wheel chair as I do now on my feet.

I know that any minute I could be disabled or handicapped just like many of you are now. Maybe you still have an insatiable appetite for hot young chicks just like your king has. Well, you can join the disabled dating services or I’ll just bet if you hang out with the king you could get lots of hot babes and not just one! You can be the ladies man you always dreamed of when you hang out with the king.

You can stay in the disabled dating world if you want but you will enjoy life more as the real life side-kick of the seduction king…Elvis Preston King.

Oh yes there will be girls we can’t pick up. Some girls will run from you and your disability or your handicap. You better believe that you will get more hot young chicks than your fair share with the king of seduction at your side…Elvis Preston King. To learn more about the king you can go to http://bachelortours.blogspot.com

About the Author

Elvis Preston King is the world’s most renowned and respected playboy. His job is picking up and seducing classy young women globally for the gentleman conoseiur who realizes that there is more to life than just accumulating money and the same old same old boring wife. You can email him at loverboybachelor@yahoo.com or visit http://bachelortours.blogspot.com and http:www.msnusers.com/BachelorDreamTours

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