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Dealing With Dating Anxiety

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Life is stressful as it is and adding relationships to the mix can play a very negative role on your anxiety levels, especially if you already have a habit of developing panic-stricken attacks when it comes to love and dating.

Over the last 10 years there have been progress in various therapies to help relieve the burden of anxiety. It is best that you try to avoid taking drugs to cope your dating anxiety.

Below are 4 'non-drug' dating anxiety prevention tips:

1. Instead of hiding your nervousness, admit it to yourself and your date. Often times what leads to a major anxiety attack spawns from trying to keep your initial nervousness covered up. If your 'special someone' comes into the room to see you then do not pretend your anxiety isn't there. Simply say "I am sorry if I appear nervous, but I am very nervous right now". Your date will appreciate the honestly and by telling him/her you'll feel a lot better.

2. If you had an anxious episode during a date then afterwards do not beat yourself up worrying how you acted. It's best just to give yourself affirmations in a positive manner that helps you build confidence and do better the next time around by taking control.

3. In order to calm down each time you have an anxiety attack, simply walk away and breath. If you happen to be with your new girlfriend or boyfriend then by following my previous tip on being honest with them about your nervousness, and also let them know that you need a minute alone, walk outside, and breath slowly until you regain composure. Before you know it, this simple technique will calm you down every time.

4. Pray... The power of prayer is amazing. Ask God for courage and strength to help you overcome your anxiety.
About the Author

John and Leanne Morris are christian dating and relationship coaches. For more dating tips and advice check out: http://www.Christian-Dating-Info.com


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