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Dating and Relating: Holiday Gift Ideas for Him

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Exchanging holiday gifts during the initial stages of a dating and relating poses many overwhelming questions; in particular, how much to give without appearing shuddersome? Over-gifting and even re-gifting are verisimilar to showing up at a celebration with an inappropriate party favorite. It's almost tantamount to bearing caviar and champagne to a tailgating party or showing up at a Passover Seder dressed in a Nazi costume.

During the midst of a budding relationship, there are not any written rules defining the proper gift versus an inappropriate one. In the realm of exchanging holiday gifts, two objectives are necessary to impactful giving: matching a present to the recipient's personal style and making a memorable impression.

Maria Luciano suffers from the propensity of over-gifting. She lavishes her suitors with extravagant gifts that scare the good guys away and lure the wrong ones in. Her last boyfriend of eight weeks made off with an iPod. Quite often, her generosity is misconstrued as giving in the name of desperation. Consequently, Maria has very few enduring relationships to show for her high credit card bills.

Then again, Ralph Jacobs does the complete opposite. Since he is carrying a lot of baggage from a failed marriage to a materialistic vixen, he opts for recycling gifts. His concept of giving entails re-gifting presents from family and friends. As a result, his giving pattern makes him appear as a cheap, selfish nincompoop.

While giving is not a pre-requisite to a sustaining a long-lasting relationship, there is an art to giving good presents. The dilemma with over-gifting is that the person on the receiving end deems the extravagant gift as a means to their affections. As far as re-gifting is concerned, it is recommended only if the objective is to turn-off the interest -because the message articulates "please do not take me seriously..."

Use the following strategies and ideas to assess his gift worthiness:

► Consider how long you have been involved

► Determine if the relationship is temporary or permanent

► Based on the span of the interlude --- stick to a budget using the dating lifespan of your relationship (see below)

► Give openly without any expectations

Innovative Gift Ideas For Him

Gift Ideas for Him

Dating for 1-2 months
Price range ($15-$45)


All-American - a subscription to Maxim or even Playboy (gift say's that you're okay with his obsession with erotica). For a minimal investment, opt for the Heineken Baby Keg (casual gift).

Goobersexual - Budweiser 12 pack - Beer Mug or beer coozies with favorite sports team on mug. As a cheap alternative, buy a pair of sports socks then buy his favorite team in a patch and iron it on the socks.

Artsy Dude - new sketchbook or drawing utensils (says you appreciate is artistic talents).

Mr. Metro-sexual - a Pantherella socks, hair and body shampoo by Acqua Di Gio Giorgio Armani, or DVD work out series by tri-athlete, Anthony Carillo's Iron Yoga work-out

Renaissance Man - Zippo lighter, Jack Spade, passport sleeve

Gift Ideas for Him

Dating for 2.5 - 4 months

Price range ($45 - $100)


All-American - Gap hat and scarf set, Boss Hugo Tie, Levi's Jacket

Goobersexual - his favorite sport's jersey, book on sports, or Nautica pullover- etc.

Artsy Dude - Montblanc notebook or Cole Haan money clip.

Mr. Metro-sexual - spa facial treatment (says you appreciate is metro-sexuality) Jack Black texture cream, Aveda defining whip, 2 (x) IST underwear duo.

Renaissance Man - Eddie Bauer vest, or the Swiss Army satchel, Truefitt & Hall - shaving kit

Gift Ideas for Him

Dating for 5 - 11 months

Price range ($110- $350)


All-American - camping gear, Marc Ecko sweater, or pants

Goobersexual - skiing peripherals, golf/tennis equipment, or tickets to favorite sporting event

Artsy Dude - tickets to Sundance Film Festival, Swedish massage, or shoes by Camper

Mr. Metro-sexual - Ralph Lauren cashmere sweater or Alain Mikli eyewear

Renaissance Man - Kenneth Cole hoodie, ESQ Swiss watch or two personal training sessions.


At the same token, giving represents the opportunity to give some life altering hints in a sharing, caring and subtle kind of way. For example, if he suffers from halitosis or plaque ridden teeth, Philips Sonicare IntelliClean system is the ideal gift to promote good dental hygiene. Even better, if you want him to trade in his tidy whiteys for boxer shorts, the holiday season features the chance to expand his underwear awareness.

Regardless of the presents one shares this holiday season, it's important to give with lan, creativity and with the future of your relationship in mind. To learn more about giving and receiving in relationships, review Dating For I Do," the Single's Guide to Establishing a Long-term Relationship.

About the author:

Holly Bentz is the author of the Single's Guide to Establishing a Longlasting Relationship, "Dating For I Do." Visit fruitionmedia.net or Dating For I Do for more information on the author.


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