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Dating Women From Russia. Important Tips The Marriage Agencies Never Tell You

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I want to share with you information that the Russian
marriage agencies don't tell you on their web sites.

Many of the dating agencies tout, how young Russian
women are so family oriented and will make wonderful
wives and family partners.
This causes many foreign men to dream about the perfect
family! A family that they have already built up in
their own imagination.

Every man who has seen the Russian dating agency ads
and believes in them completely, has built up in his mind,
and has created his own fantasy, of what a future family
with a Russian women, will be.

If the man's dreams are based on a foundation the
marriage agency has constructed and no on a healthy
dose of common sense, then, most likely the relationship
is at great risk of disappointment and inevitable,

.The dating services help bring you together, they
do not help you to stay together !
It is not their job to make your relationship last,
so they don't bother to warn you of the many pitfalls
that can become you and destroy your marriage.
What do you expect of your new Russian bride
and what do you really know about her??

I want to give you an example how you can read into the
marriage agency advertising using a critical eye and
common sense.

Try this:
Go to any marriage dating agency and following their
procedure to join.
Look at Russian women from 21 to 25 years old..
Pay close attention to what these women have written
in their bio s..
Do you see anything in common???
Of course you do..it is very obvious !
Ninety percent if not more of these women have written
that they have a bachelor degree. They just finished or
going to finish their educational requirements.
Ask yourself, WHY?

If all the dating agencies are telling you that all
Russian women are very family oriented and in most
cases live to serve their husband and children,
why would they spend 10 years in school and from 4-7
years at the university, getting a degree ?

Why would these young women spend the biggest part
of their young life studying so hard if they are so
family oriented ?
Why not, instead, go take domestic courses such as
cooking and sewing and child rearing?

Do these women, who have spent the better part of
their young lives dedicated to getting a higher
education, look as women who are preparing themselves
to be housewives and mothers and not have a
professional career???

Yeap...it is look little bit like the opposite ...
if not more...

Here is another question:
Compared to the United States, how many children
are in the average Russian family?

Is it not unusual to see in the average American
family at least three children. The statistical
average is 2.7 children per family. How you get a 7/10th
of child I don t know, but that is the statistic!

In Russia, to see a family with three children would
be quite a shock, absolutely! It is even unusual to
see a Russian family with two children.

When I just came to USA, I was surprised how many
pregnant women I saw on the streets!
In Russia it is very seldom that you will see a pregnant
woman in public. For the last few generations, Russian
couple produce only one child.
By the way, it is a very big problem in Russia.

That each couple produces only one child, does not
allow the population to grow but rather, stagnate.
To be honest, it is not only a problem for Russia,
but for all European countries.

Are you wondering why most Russian couples have only
one child if Russian women are so extremely family
oriented as the dating agencies promise you?
Why don't they want to have more children?

The reason is not because of a difficult economical
situation, in fact you can see many countries that
have much more difficult economic situations and
these poor families have 5-10 children.
In Russia, even wealthy families have only one child.

I can give you many more examples of what the dating
agencies tell you and what you can see on your own.

Be smart enough to learn about the culture of your
future wife's country and about the circumstances
that she grew up in, before you marry her.
It can prevent you from making many mistakes and
help you to build a happy family with an Russian woman.

About the Author

Marina Smiley is the author of "Your Russian Bride-
The Shocking Truth" This eBook is available through http://www.truthaboutrussianbrides.com

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