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Dating Tip -This year… Be thankful for being single…

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Dating tip -Count your blessings this year… it’s not so bad being single after all… Too many Americans hang their happiness on being in a relationship

Think about this dating tip every day & witness the miracles that can come into your life. Below is a single’s thankful list, try & live an attitude of gratitude…
•Be thankful for everyone in your life, everyone is a teacher.
•Be thankful for the lessons you have learned from past relationships & learn from them now.
•Ring a relation to tell them you love them.
•Include the un-included.
•Write a note of thanks to someone.
•Be thankful for the “little” things in life.
•Drop all criticisms & be thankful to yourself.
•Be thankful you have an opportunity to start a relationship with someone new.
•Be thankful you are not in a negative relationship. It is much better to be single than in an unhappy relationship.
•Think about all the good you have learnt about yourself since you have been single.
In short, be thankful in all that you are doing. Just remember the greatest risk in life is not to take any risk at all!! .

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Andrew Clacy is a freelance writer. A single Dad with 2 boys, he believes in getting out. He has studied extensively on romance & human emotions, and he is constantly researching relationships and romance. Exploring ways to add romance to electronic communication is also another pursuit he enjoys.

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