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Dating Advice: Keep a Guy Interested!
Many women make themselves overly available in relationships, and the consequences tend to be disastrous. Hey, we tell ourselves, I like the guy. He might be the one! Can't let him slip through my fingers! So, we stay home and wedge the last bit...

Why online dating is better than dating in the real world
More and more people find their love online. No wonder, says Marc de Jong. He thinks that online dating is even better than dating in the real world. Let me tell you a story. For years I went to bars, festivals and other meetings, and it wasn't...


Dating Questions, Dating Rules

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Common Dating Questions Answered! Everything You Need To Know About The Rules Of Dating Women.

1. How often should I ask her out? The answer to this question is simple. Ask her once and only once! If she's interested, she'll go out with you. It is that simple. If she's interested, her answer might be along the lines of "I'm busy this week but I'd really like to go out with you. Maybe next week?" Jump on it and make that date!

2. Should I settle for the first girl I meet? No, you really shouldn't! Don't even think about lowering your standards just to get a date! Even if you see a gorgeous woman who's out of your league, go for it anyway! It's obviously more exciting to be with a woman who really turns you on.

3. She's always late. Should I tolerate her poor behavior? How can you even ask this question? It's true that both women and men should be given some kind of leeway when it comes to dating, but if she's obviously taking advantage of you, then you shouldn't stand for it. The rule here is to call her on her behavior and explain reasonably why you shouldn't have to be treated poorly because of her bad day. Would she like to be treated the way she treats you? Of course not! So explain all this to her and if she doesn't accept it or even try to change, then she's probably not worth it.

4. Should I pander to her whims? Occasionally yes. But the most common dating rule is that you should never ever become a doormat. Pandering to her every need will just have you coming off as desperate. It's unattractive and open to abuse. If she's had a bad day and needs to be spoilt occasionally, that's understandable but being a doormat is a different thing altogether.

5. She calls me at odd hours. Should I drop everything for her? The answer to this dating question would also be a resounding NO. You mustn't make yourself available all the time. Women love a challenge and you need to get her to appreciate you. Once she takes you for granted, then it's all over.
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