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10 Important, Easy Dating Rules for Your Success
1) Leave the mobile phone off! Do not answer it if it is on Silent either. You should only do this if you are expecting an emergency and I mean an emergency. You only look like a deadhead, self-centred fool answering a phone at a meeting that is...

"We're just Dating" Defined
"What time do you want to go to my family's house on Christmas Eve?" you ask your boyfriend of two months. You're looking forward to introducing him to your relatives because you've been bragging to them that your relationship has been perfect so...

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Dating - Getting What You Want By Asking Nicely

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Getting What You Want By Asking Nicely

It is a common fact, if you ask nicely and it is in reason, you will probably get what you want. Then why do we sometimes get angry and over emotional and ask our partner nastily for something. Do we expect that your partner will automatically give in?

The way we talk to our partners is extremely important and will determine not only how we are treated but we also get in return. It is far easier to ask for something nicely then to ask disgruntled. The best way to get what you want is to kill the person with niceness. There will be times when your partner has had a bad day at work and they don't want to be bothered. You might ask them to take you to a shop or the cinema and they may respond rudely.

If this is not a frequent occurrence, than it is important to talk to your partner to see what the problem may be. A possibility is that they just need to let off some steam and unfortunately you walked in the middle of their path. If you find that this is a common occurrence and that every time you ask nicely they flat out say no, then you should reevaluate your request. If your request is reasonable, then you should reevaluate your relationship. If you love doing certain things and need help by your partner, your partner should acquiesce some of the times. You can't get your way all the time, but if you ask nicely and your request is reasonable you should have a high chance of success.

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Jay is the web owner of http://www.singles-in.com Online Singles, a website that provides information and resources on personals, dating, and singles. You can visit his website at: http://www.personals-in.com Online Personals

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