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Dating For The Depressed Soul

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Nothing can be more upsetting than getting turned down by a the opposite sex especially when your suffering from depression. Be rest assured this is not the end of the world. While dating can be fun it can also help us out tremendously when we are feeling depressed. Having someone to talk to and be with will naturally lift your spirits up. But remember to keep cool and follow these general guidelines when dating while depressed.

Remember you may feel exhilerated at the first date, but as time goes on and you continue to date the person as things become routine you may start to feel depressed. Remember to always be doing something, The same routine over and over again is boring, unless of course your perfectly content with boredom.

Okay, we havent got to the part about asking the person out! That by far is the hardest part for anyone to do, especially if you are a person who is less socially active. But don't dispair, it's easier than you think. Think about it this way, do you get fearful when your calling up dear old gramma on the phone to check how she is doing? No! And I highly doubt she would reject you either. Just work up the courage, you can do it. Rehearse what you are going to say at first, and get it down so its fluid like. Don't be depressed if you get rejected. The best of us all get rejected at times.

If your potential date says yes thats great. Now onto the date... Never, ever talk about how your depressed and feeling down on the first date. People have a tendancy to be turned off by those that are always sad and depressed. Find an atmosphere where you and your date can go that will uplift your spirits. If you get to the point where you have been dating this person for a while and still are feeling symptoms of depression then if you trust that person enough it may be okay to confide in them.

Hopefully this has started you on the path to happiness with dating. Remember to keep your chin up.

About the author:

For further information on depression and other mental health issues please visit http://www.helpingdepression.com


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