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Dating - Don't Be Passive Aggressive

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Don't Be Passive Aggressive

It is a common form of disobedience. Passive aggressive is a way to be angry at someone without showing it. Passive aggressive in all its forms will deteriorate a relationship and leave your spouse angry, feeling spited. Whether your spouse deserves it or not, do not be passive aggressive. Instead, if you have an issue or are mad at your spouse the best thing to do is to tell him or her why you are angry and how to fix the situation.

Many of us do not like conflict; we shun conflict and avoid it at all costs. Sometimes it is not healthy to avoid conflict. It can actually hurt us even more as we hold in angry thoughts and feelings. If you find yourself mad at your spouse or loved one the most healthy things to do is tell that person that you are angry and not keep it deep inside.

Many relationships become markedly worse once people start acting passive aggressive to one another. You wouldn't like if someone did things to hurt you while smiling, so don't do it to your spouse even though you might think he deserves it. The best ways to handle your issues are out in the open. More than likely, if you tell your spouse that you are angry at him or her, they will try to right the wrong. If you have a respectful relationship most people will not try to hurt one another but will try to help one another. So the next time that you want to act passive aggressive, stop and think and instead communicate with your spouse instead.

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