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Dating - Small Changes To Rekindle The Flame
Small Changes Can Rekindle the Flame Did you ever notice that sometimes small changes can have a big impact. The same is true with your romance. If you make small changes they will sometimes spice up your romance with that person. Here are a...

Is Online Dating Starting a New Sexual Revolution?
As I was working on my web site the other day, the news came on the TV with a report about online dating and casual sex. The theory is that online dating is causing an increase in people engaging in casual sex - a so-called new sexual revolution. ...


Clikdate Online Dating Tips - Tip #1 - Honesty

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Tell the truth

There's really no point in telling somebody that you're tall, tanned and toned if in reality, you're more average height, pale and allergic to the gym.

Sure we would all like to come across as being super-gorgeous but let's not forget that online dating, like dating in 'real' life, requires honesty. If you wouldn't lie or put up with lying in other aspects of your life, why start with someone you meet online?

Dont forget if your looking for more than just an "online friend" you might end up meeting this person so it pays to be honest from the start. If your honest then when you do meet up with someone it will be a far better experience with no surprises.

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