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Dating Advice For Men #3: You Are Not "Less" Because You Have No Women
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Dating Tips: There Is This One Special Girl I'm Longing For...
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Asian Girls Online Dating - Great Tips to Meet Asian Girls !

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Asian girls are in high demand by foreign men. Thousands of couples get connected through the internet.

If the Internet is better than sliced bread, meeting Asian girls online is sliced bread with butter and marmalade (or Nutella, if you prefer!). Itīs convenient, time-saving, levels the play field for introverts (actually it gives them the edge), lets you avoid the bar scene, extends your reach,and it works.

I coach men looking for Asian girls, Iīve used Asian Internet dating sites successfully myself, and I research constantly to see which way the wind is blowing.

The wind is approaching hurricane force and itīs headed right toward your part of the world. There are more women looking online than men, as opposed to real life; there are more Asian girls joining all the time as the word gets out; and there are more Asian girls finding suitable partners through this vehicle.

<strong>Here are some things to keep in mind:</strong>

<strong>Asian Girls Dating Tip 1.</strong> Know what kind of relationship youīre looking for. Some of the Asian dating sites will give you a chance to specify, and all will give you a chance to talk later, if not sooner. Most feature the infamous "dating profile." Since the Internet offers plenty of avenues for porn, most people on the legitimate Asian dating sites are looking for relationships. Specify. Long-term commitment, marriage a possibility, companionship and maybe more, and "I donīt know" and "Letīs see what happens," are all legitimate responses.

<strong>Asian Girls Dating Tip 2.</strong> Be honest. If youīre not, youīre wasting your own time most of all, because youīll be found out. Youīre also spreading bad karma. Supposedly over 50% of people online lie about their age 5 years in either direction. If you have a problem with your age, income, appearance, education, etc., fix them, or fix your head. Itīs relative, so focus on what you consider your good points. You can count on the fact that whatever you have to offer, an Asian girl is looking for.

<strong>Asian Girls Dating Tip 3.</strong> Avoid signs of desperation. The dream date, of course, would come on like James Bond, cool, confident, suave and sophisticated, with an air of mystery. Desperate people move too fast, say too much, and ask for too little. A man whoīs "any" for all categories age, income, ethnic background, religion, children, etc. isnīt looking for a partner, heīs looking for a warm body. Pace your interactions to one or two emails a day, 10-15 min. IM sessions. Keep yourself under control. "Spilling" isnīt attractive. No need to write your life story the first time. Thatīs a turn off. Keep it light. Save something for next time.

<strong>Asian Girls Dating Tip 4.</strong> Let someone else deal with the walking wounded. If an Asian girl starts off talking about her traumatic past experiences, or specifies things like "No addicts, no liars, no wife-beaters, no bankruptcy, no adulterers, no borderlines,no hate-mongers," etc., the Asian girl is showing you sheīs not ready to date. I have compassion for these folks; so do you. Most of them will be fine with time and maybe you were thereafter your divorce or breakup. But I get paid to coach them to a better place, while youīre looking for a viable date right now, and a person with that kind of baggage has no business being in a relationship.

<strong>Asian Girls Dating Tip 5.</strong> Be selective. A writer on one male advice website claims his great profile got him 56 Asian girls respondents last month. Men lie in the area of their prowess, but however many responses you get, be selective. You donīt have to answer them all. If Asian girls are really interested in you AND NOT DESPERATE, theyīll wait. Donīt have so many going at one time that you confuse the Asian girls, because youīll confuse yourself. If the Asian girl youīre corresponding with gets your details mixed up, move on, unless you want to be just another pretty email in the inbox.

<strong>Asian Girls Dating Tip 6.</strong> Give careful consideration to the area of sexual talk. Everyone recommends the other sex bring it up first. It doesnīt matter as long as itīs done tastefully.

<strong>Asian Girls Dating Tip 7.</strong> Who initiates? It doesnīt matter who "winks" or writes first, suggests the phone call, or asks for the date, because youīll find your personality type and thereīs a pot for every lid.

<strong>Asian Girls Dating Tip 8.</strong> Rely on your intuition. Use your emotional intelligence! If itīs too good to be true, it is. One sign of an ambivalent Asian girl (which you do NOT want) is an Asian girl who comes on too strong at the beginning. If something gives you the creeps, get away. If for any reason you donīt feel comfortable giving personal information like your home email or street address, donīt do it. Better safe than sorry, and thereīs no need to rush.

<strong>Asian Girls Dating Tip 9.</strong> Your profile matters. Get some professional help and feedback from a friend or two. Read the profiles of people of your same sex so you can see what the competitionīs doing.

<strong>Asian Girls Dating Tip 10.</strong>Your photograph matters more. Any professional photographer can help you out. Itīs worth it. Nobody looks like their photograph, but you donīt want to eliminate Asian girls because you have such a bad one. And please, donīt be so crude, guys, as to put a photograph on there of you with your last honey. (Could I have made that up?)

<strong>Asian Girls Dating Tip 11.</strong> Online relationships start in writing, and itīs easy to share whatīs going on. Read the writing tips on my web site. You can get advice as to what to say, how to proceed, what to look for, so you look like a pro, not an amateur. It shortens the learning curve.

<strong>Asian Girls Dating Tip 12.</strong> Do us all a favor and donīt ask "Why are Asian girls looking online?" You are, arenīt you? Maybe you live in a remote location, or donīt have time to run around at night, or prefer a slow introduction, or want to shop nationally. There are some super neat Asian girls looking online including me, my sister, my friends, my last boyfriend, and you! Have fun, and good luck!

I'm Dao Jones from Thailand, founder of Asian-Girls-Dating.com. A unique dating site with writing, dating and culture tips, as well as lots of information about the special characteristics of Asian women.

If you want to know more about Asian girls click here and go to my favourite pages :

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Best regards

Dao Jones
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