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Asian Girls Dating : How to find relationships with Asian girls?

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Dating Asian Girls ! Leave behind all the stereotypes. Read the story of Tim in his own words.

I was inspired to share my perspective on relationships with an Asian girls after reading about intense desire of Western men to marry Asian girls, or more specifically a Japanese girl.

When a person searches for true love, they must not have any assumptions. If you desire the pure love of an Asian girl, then you must also throw away all stereotypes that you may have about Asian girls - that they are submissive, docile, naive, too eager to please, and whatever else.

Since love is never expressed in a cookie-cut design, remember that your true love, the Asian girl of your dreams, who will rescue you from this abominable and inescapable trap of single white females, will perhaps be un-accepting of your previous judgments and stereotypes you have come to know and believe.

Just so I am perfectly clear, I have dated American women, and they are wonderful human beings for whom I have no ill feelings whatsoever.

That previous statement about the trap of single white females was merely an exaggeration of the impression I received from your comments on American females.

As I was taught, assumptions and stereotypes can destroy a relationship and sometimes prevent them before they even begin. I learned it was not fair for me to say that every Asian girl I date will be exactly as the first love in my life, who was indeed Asian.

Perhaps I am speaking of things you have already come to understand, and I have no intentions of insulting your intelligence, or that any American females either.

True love comes with complete honesty and open heart. And the only word of advice which I still have failed to completely grasp is that any woman - Asian, American, Latvian, etc., hates to hear about your past relationships.

Women in general never like it when you bring up an ex. In rare cases, a few may accept it as an opening up. Yeah, I know what I just said may sound like a generalization, but wouldn't you also dislike hearing about a girl's ex-boyfriend(s)? Maybe not, but...that goes without saying...don't generalize either.

In no way am I the perfect male. I do my best to reveal who I am and being honest with the one I love, and at the same time, be honest with myself. You are well on the path of finding and understanding true love.

I commend you greatly for writing your experiences as you have. It relates to many, many, many men out there who do not have the courage to come out and have their own life written out on a website such as yourself.

I happen to be one of those men. I wish you the best of luck in find your true love. Never let anyone change your opinion or preferences and ideas on what you know will make your life complete. Always follow your heart as you have been.

I too am a fellow lover of Asian culture, cuisine, and most importantly, the miracle of God's most precious creation - Asian Girls.

Do you want to know more about Asian Girls ?

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Thail and - Phil ippines - Japa n - South Korea - Vi etnam - China - Hon g Kong - Sin gapore - Mal aysia - Taiwan - Russi a - India< /a> - In donesia


Thailand - Philippine s - Japan - South Korea - Vi etnam - C hina - H ong Kong - S ingapore - Malaysi a - Taiwan - Rus sia - India< /a> - In donesia

Best regards

Dao Jones

About the author:

Dao Jones, the founder of Asian-Girls-Dating.com is connecting Asian girls to western men in a very unique and succesfull way. Since 2001 she is giving dating and writing tips, as well as lots of information about the special caharcteristics of Asian women.

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