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5 Steps To Success In Speed Dating

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Congratulations ..... You've plucked up the courage to try one of the latest dating crazes ...... you're going Speed Dating.

Here's a few tips to ensure you get the most from your night......

1. Do your homework

Don't just turn up on the night without having given it some thought and making a few notes first .....

Make yourself a list of things you can talk about. Let me assure you, if everyone in the room asks 'What job do you do' there's going to be some very bored people there at the end of the night!
Make a note before you go of some interesting questions that others will probably not be asking...... try to make them fun and amusing (although not TOO bizarre) and you will greatly improve your chances with your potential dates.

2. Don't Worry (too much!)

When you go Speed Dating for the very first time you're going to be nervous and that's only natural..... after all you're doing something very different to what you're used to! But try not to worry too much .... remember, most people in the room will be exactly the same as you .... trying speed dating for the first time .... and they're going to just as nervous as you (if not more so!)

3. Smile!

When speed dating you only have a very short time to make a good impression. A friendly smile will always help your 'date' to feel comfortable ..... and make you look more attractive and confident too!

4. Concentrate on enjoying yourself

.....and DON'T concentrate on trying to find your perfect partner.

Yes of course ..... you're speed dating because you're looking for a partner .... but if that comes across too heavily then you won't find your name appearing on many 'dating cards'.
Change your focus to just enjoying yourself and that really will come across well to your dates.

5. Hide your 'dating card'

When you're speed dating you'll be given a card to mark the names (or sometimes numbers) of those you'd like to see again. Try to keep this card out of sight as much as possible.... If it's seen and you've got lots of names on there it could appear as though you're desparate and are happy to go out with just anyone that'll have you. If there are no names on there it could appear as though you're TOO choosy!

Speed Dating is great fun. It's also a superb way to meet new people and who knows .... your perfect partner could be just minutes away! Enjoy!

Chris Towland

About the Author

Chris is the editor of www.Dating-Tips-Online.com - one of the internet's largest free collections of tips and advice relating to love and dating. In addition, Chris's dating newsletters are read and enjoyed by more than 10,000 subscribers. If you've enjoyed this article then a visit to Dating Tips Online is highly recommended:


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