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Free Christian Dating Services On and Off-line
While many dating services, both Christian and secular, have membership fees, there are many free Christian dating services currently available. If a person is interested free Christian dating services, he or she can simply perform an internet...

Dating - Some Favorite "Date" Movies
Favorite Date Movies Looking for a great way to spend a super night out or a quiet night at home with your sweet heart, date movies or more commonly known as chick flicks are the perfect way get close to your sweetheart. Here are a few chick...

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3 Fun Tips For Online Dating Success

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On-line dating can be more fun than you know! Here are 3 quick tips from the Romance Coach to get you started:

1. Go to the Party!

See your visits to the site as if you were going to a party. Look around to find the most interesting person there. Whether it's that you both love Italian food, or your both like country music. Who looks like the most interesting person there? Strike up a conversation by sending them a message.

2. Put your best face forward!

When you go to a party, typically you want to look great. The same goes here. Put your most interesting self out there. Be positive and pleasant, but by all means, be honest!

3. Good manners, please!

Just as if you were meeting someone in person, be gracious and polite. Just because they can't see you, doesn't mean you should be brash and overly forward. If by chance you find out that the person you've been chatting with is not for you, say so kindly. And, if someone lets you down, take it in stride, their lots of other fish in this sea.

About the author:

Romance Coach Leslie Karsner, PhD, author of The Long Distance Romance Guide, has been coaching people about romance all of her life! Editor of Love Letters Now! LoveLettersNow.com, Karsner also writes a weekly ezine filled with tips for heightening romance. Visit her on-line at GoRomance.com

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